Universal Through Hole VCD-Sequencer 3

Universal's Axial Lead Sequencer/Inserter combines sequencing and inserting in one continuous process to help meet today's production goals. High cycle rates, in addition to flexibility, provide the highest levels of system throughput, regardless of your product mix. Improved component verification techniques, along with an on-line auto repair feature, ensure the reliability of each completed circuit board, improving your product quality.

Universal Through Hole Radial 5

Universal's Radial 5 is designed to confront the challenges of the industry with greater reliability, improved speed, and the capability to insert radially taped odd-form components. Unlike other radial inserters that need to slow down as they handle odd-form component body styles, the Radial 5 (2.5/5.0) can remain at a constant speed, regardless of the size or shape of any insertable component. The proven reliability, faster operation and expanded capabilities of the Radial 5 effectively address current insertion issues.

The Quad QSV-1 Plus High-Precision SMT Assembler is the perfect mainstream solution for automated SMT assembly operations. It combines fine pitch component placement technology, large-board capability, 117 feeder capacity and the QuadAlign™ touchless in-process optical component alignment technology. Also, the Quad's P4™ head technology has throughput rates up to 7,000 cph as well as the ability to handle components from 0402 through 2.2".

SMTech 100MV High Precision Screen Printer

The SMTech 100MV Screen Printer is the latest in a fast developing range of precision solder past printers and represents a major step forward in Vision System technology. The 100MV represents the state of the art in Surface Mount fine pitch printing and provides accuracy, repeatability and reliability in the most demanding applications.

Quad ZCR Reflow Oven

Our Quad Reflow Oven can handle most any assembly requirement our customer's may have. The Quad ZCR features high mass heaters with temperature stability to ensure consistent SMT reflow profiling board after board.

The Quad Reflow Oven provides an automated solder paste reflow solution that is totally unaffected by SMT processing variations such as board size, density, heavy back-to-back conveyor loading or solder paste type.

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